Private Medical Insurance – What’s Not Covered?

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Private Medical Insurance – What’s Not Covered?

Just as important as considering what’s covered when purchasing private medical insurance is considering what’s not covered. Private medical insurance is intended to cover short term, acute illnesses. Acute illnesses are those that start suddenly and are generally short lived, and don’t require lengthy (even lifelong) medical intervention.

This doesn’t mean that private medical insurance is pointless – far from it – but those considering cover should be aware of the following typical exclusions. Note that these are just examples and our brokers can provide specialist quotations for a range of circumstances.

  •  Treatment from GPs – the NHS provides easy access to GP care
  • Chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes, plus conditions you were born with (congenital conditions)
  • Intensive care treatment (except as a consequence of in-patient treatment)
  • Long term psychiatric problems – and note that some policies exclude mental health problems completely
  • Accident and emergency treatment – most people rely on the NHS for such treatment
  • Overseas treatment – this should be covered by your travel insurance (note Allianz have worldwide policies)
  • Complementary and alternative treatments are unlikely to be covered
  • Nursing home care except for a period of convalescence after treatment
  • Treatment for addiction including alcohol or drug abuse
  • Pregnancy and childbirth – although Allianz have and add-on to cover this
  • Treatment for HIV/AIDS
  • Non-emergency dental treatment (oral cancer is generally covered)
  • Elective treatment such as cosmetic surgery

Most of the above exclusions are common sense, but some of them may come as a surprise. When obtaining a quote, our brokers can explain levels of cover in more detail, as well as the options available for your specific circumstances.

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