Is individual health insurance a luxury or necessity?

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Is individual health insurance a luxury or necessity?

The three main benefits of individual health insurance are jumping the queue – especially for non-urgent treatment, choice of healthcare provider and location, and increased comfort during treatment.

It should be remembered that urgent medical procedures, for example after an accident, will always be provided by the NHS. In fact, the NHS will provide medical treatment to anyone in the UK who needs it, irrespective of their ability to pay. So why consider private individual health insurance?

For non-urgent treatment there may be a long delay on the NHS – several months can be common. It is worth considering if such a delay would merely be an inconvenience to you, or if it would have a major impact on your lifestyle, business, or career.

Most individual health insurance providers will have facilities across the country, and you will be able to choose the most convenient treatment centre. Remember, however, that not all treatment centres will offer all treatments, so check whether a lengthy journey may be required.

When you do receive treatment, people with private health insurance are likely to receive a private room ro recuperate in (subject to availability) and, for example, a greater selection of food. Access to television and telephone is likely to be easier and more flexible.

Bear in mind that in most cases the “private doctors” you will see will actually be NHS doctors supplementing their income with private work – this isn’t a criticism but highlight the fact that NHS provided healthcare is not inferior.

The decision whether individual health insurance is right for you can only be made by you – weighing up all the fact and pros and cons, however, leads many people to opt for the peace of mind that having individual health insurance can give.

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