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Individual Health Insurance

Insurance can be tricky and complex to understand, and if you’re considering buying protection, then you need to have all the facts before you start. Unlike life insurance, which will offer a payout upon your death or after a critical illness diagnoses, depending on the cover you’ve invested in, individual health insurance is ideal if you want to get top quality medical treatment when you’re ill or injured.

Though the UK has the NHS, long waits and extensive referral queues can be very stressful, especially if you’re ill and know that you need treatment quickly. Individual health insurance allows you to quickly access medical professionals should you become ill or are injured, giving you peace of mind that in a crisis, experts are on hand to help. Accessing treatment swiftly can often make a huge difference in recovery time, allowing you to get back to normality in no time, so it’s important to see doctors and specialists quickly.

There are a variety of individual health insurance products on offer, and this means that you can choose the type which is most suitable for your needs. Whilst some policies will cover you for both hospital treatment and outpatient appointments, others will cover you for only one or the other, allowing you to find a plan that is both affordable and appropriate for your individual circumstances. Meanwhile, health cash plans are also available to cover everyday medical appointments, such as going to the dentist or chiropodist, helping you to spread the expense rather than having to pay out in one lump sum.

Individual health insurance plans are very affordable and we can offer competitive quotes for all UK providers. Insurance plans normally require a monthly premium, with the resulting payout being made for any treatment you need. Cover limits vary amongst policies, so it’s important to look at the small print and ensure that any cheaper insurance doesn’t also come with a low payout threshold.

Like most insurance plans, individual health insurance costs more as you get older because you’re more likely to need medical treatment. This means that if you’re interested in buying cover, you should do so as early as possible, utilising deals and offers to find affordable protection. And, even if you choose to pay a greater excess to keep premium costs low, utilising individual health insurance is the best way to access quality medical care when you most need it.

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