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Why have private health insurance?

If you fall ill, it can be a stressful time for both you and your family and worry about possible NHS queues fore treatment can add to this stress. Private medical insurance gives peace of mind that you won’t have to wait for treatment or care that you might need – the costs of your care will be covered by your insurance.

What types of medical health insurance are there?

Individual or family private health insurance policies need not be expensive, and they can offer different levels of cover. Some only cover treatment when you are in hospital, whilst more comprehensive policies provide cover for outpatients too. Usually you will pay a monthly premium for your insurance and then when you need it the policy will pay out (up to any specified limits) for your treatment.

There is also the option of “health cash plans” in which you contribute to routine healthcare costs and help by paying out a cash sum whenever you visit a dentist or other health practitioner (such as a chiropodist or optician), which you can then spend as you please.

Does it matter how old I am?

As you get older, premiums can be higher, although not necessarily prohibitively so. It’s always best to get a number of quotes to pick the best one for you, and you will find that prices can vary considerably from the range of health insurance providers. We can provide a range of quotes for you.

What is the excess?

Most health insurance policies will have an excess which is the portion of the insurance you must cover before any pay out. For people looking for very comprehensive cover, one option is to have a higher excess which will then keep your monthly costs lower in return.

Can I cover my whole family?

Yes, many people opt for a health insurance policy which covers the whole family, and this can give great peace of mind.

Does it matter if I smoke?

Because of the additional health risks associated with smoking, premiums are likely to be higher for smokers over non-smokers. It does not preclude you from obtaining health cover however.

Can I obtain cover for pre-existing conditions?

In general, yes. There are some provisos though. Some policies may completely exclude pre-existing conditions whilst others may apply a restriction or limitation of some kind. For example, pre-existing conditions may be excluded from your health insurance policy for the first two years of your insurance. If you then enjoy two years without a re-occurrence, your insurance will become valid for this condition.

For some serious conditions such as cancer however, cover may never be provided. Each insurer will have their own rules a policies.

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